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Avoca Chalet Guest Comments 2017

Yet another wonderful stay in this Bird Haven! No bird or rabbit with us this time but no doubt we will have a pup next visit. In house massage was excellent.
Bougher Family
January 2017

We have had a very enjoyable stay. The Chalet was very comfortable and equipped with everything we needed. Our boys loved playing cricket in the front field. We loved the eggs and Boots and Clyde. The birds were beautiful and the veranda was perfect for breakfast and coffee and to sit and watch the boys and the birds.
Davy Family
January 2017

Thank you for your beautiful Chalet and your time. We had a lovely stay in this countryside with an unusual weather. Wish you all the best for the future. Sophie enjoyed watching the animals. Boots is a perfect dog. Take care. Thank you Richard and Jenny
Loirat Family
February 2017

Thank you for such a wonderful stay and providing the perfect home away from home.
Shally and Co
February 2017

Perfect warm home after full days of adventure. Kid and pet friendly. Perfect for mum and dad to relax too!
Sherrily’s mob
March 2017

Thank you for a beautiful house and wonderful stay. Our children loved the animals and the open space to play. The husband enjoyed a few rounds of competitive badminton (101). We look forward to visiting again.
Koefoed and Schulz Families
March 2017

We had a wonderful time in your comfortable, serene Chalet.
The Canadian Cyclists
April 2017

Thanks Jenny and Richard for another wonderful stay! We love everything about Avoca farm (especially the animals!) See you again!
Sadd Family
April 2017

Thanks for welcoming us into your beautiful Chalet. It was a most inviting, tranquil and enjoyable stay!
Soh Family
April 2017

Thank you for your hospitality. We had a great stay and look forward to coming back in the near future.
Neale Family
April 2017

A very nice pleasant, relaxing stay. Thankyou.
Carroll, UK
April 2017

Thank you so much for a wonderful stay! You have a stunningly beautiful farm. All the best and thanks again.
Belding Family
May 2017

Avoca Chalet Guest Comments 2016

Another memory-making trip for our family. There is so much to love about being here. I wonder why we only come for holidays! I would still like to buy this farm if I could. Thanks again Jenny, Richard and Boots.
The Bradfields
January 2016

Thank you so much for having us! We really loved the chalet, it has everything you could need and a beautiful, homely feel. Amazing setting and we loved the animals. Can’t wait to come back! We’ll be telling family and friends to visit when they’re down this way. Thank you!
The Wynnes
February 2016

Thank you for a beautiful stay on your equally beautiful property. We don’t want to leave and would happily stay forever if we could! Loved all the animals on the farm and Boots. My one year old enjoyed her first holiday and loved feeding and patting Clyde the horse and the cows! Thanks to the chooks for our morning eggs. Lovely clean chalet, comfy and fresh beds, very homely. We love it here and thank you! We will be back!
The O’Hanlons and The Sandemans
February 2016

Terrific stay in tranquil surrounds. Excellent facilities. See you in 2017. “Ah the serentity”.
Appelby and Walsh Families
March 2016

We loved our stay in the chalet. Thank you to Jenny for letting us feed the calf and alpacas. And thanks to Boots for our guided tour of the farm!
Matt and Jess
March 2016

Thank you so much! We loved our stay on the farm. It was so peaceful and it was a nice experience feeding the calf. Will visit soon again! Everything was very clean and very tidy.
The Fouries
March 2016

Nice location. Awesome chalet, very clean and efficient. Thank you both for making a great time for us. We definitely love this place and will come back soon.
Rana and Soheil
March 2016

Thanks for another wonderful stay as always. I don’t think I’m ever going to get too old to enjoy the farm and the animals. We loved going in the ute and feeding the cows and calves and I adore Clyde, the bunnies, guinea pigs, chooks and Buster. Can’t wait to see you guys and all the animals next time!

We all enjoyed this stay a lot. Curly loves it down here and so did I! I can’t wait to see how big Buster is next year and how fat the rabbits get. Clyde is so sweet and loves being brushed (he is so cute).
April 2016

Thank you for a lovely stay - couldn’t have asked for better service. Chalet is lovely and the kids loved the
animals. Thank you!
The Peters Family
April 2016

Thanks for a great and relaxing holiday – beautiful spot, great scenery.
The Dunns
May 2016

Thanks for our lovely stay. The Chalet is beautiful and we all had a great time.
Shane and Grace , Perth
May 2016

Thanks Jenny and Richard. Beautiful spot, we’ll be back.
Haigh Family
July 2016

This place has a great feel – I loved it heaps!
The Calder Family
July 2016

The Chalet was maintained well which was something that stood out from other chalets I have previously visited. The horse (Clyde) was very friendly and if you have any questions about any of the animals the farmers will answer willingly and kindly.
This place was truly amazing. Sad that we had to leave. Guinea pigs were adorable.
Lewis Children
July 2016

We had a fantastic time. The Chalet was amazing and had everything we needed. We will definitely be back and recommend to everyone!
Aspden Family
August 2016

Absolutely amazing. Perfect get away from the big city.
Reid group
August 2016

This place is magical. So beautiful and peaceful and wonderful for the kids. We had a fab time and will be back really soon. Thank you.
August 2016

Thank you for another wonderful stay. We appreciated your helpfulness and thoughtfulness.
Archer Family
September 2016

Brilliant stay! Very happy memories created! We will be back, thank you!
Esperenza Family
September 2016

Thanks so much for a lovely stay. We loved playing Scrabble by the fire and hearing the birds in the morning. Also loved being able to bring our dog! Thanks so much – we’ve really enjoyed it and really appreciated the homely, clean Chalet.
Dolan Family
October 2016

Thank you; soul restoring in so many ways.
Grantham Family
October 2016

This was our sixth visit and first as a full family with the addition of our beautiful daughter Katherine. As with all our visits, we had an amazing time. The kids loved the farm and Michael developed a passion for beaches with bucket and spade. Our 3 dogs, Mar, Selby and Aspen loved it too, although the older two are starting to age. Thanks for an amazing stay.
The Fairleys
November 2016

Thank you very much for the stay and wonderful hospitality in your lovely farm. I love the cute guinea pigs especially the baby one. I like feeding Clyde the horse, and Boots the dogs is so fun to play with. I had so much fun.
Yen Li Choy and children
November 2016

Had a really great time; the house is really nice.
November 2016

We loved staying at the Avoca farm-stay and we hope we’ll come again. We had fun seeing the animals and we loved the back yard. We hope we can come again! Thank you for everything!
Avi and Family
December 2016

We stayed in the ‘house’ – the beautiful, peaceful and quiet big house. If we had time again we will be visiting your home again. A whole family thank you for everything. Wishing for the Merry Christmas aloud “Love me little, love me long, is the burden of my song.’
Mary Tan, Singapore
December 2016

The house is very nice. I liked playing with Boots and feeding the animals. Though there were not many eggs, I still enjoyed picking them as it was a rare chance. The guinea pigs were very C.U.T.E!
Mary Tan children
December 2016

We really enjoyed our time at the Chalet, very relaxed and comfortable, the animals, the eggs, Boots!
Scott Family
December 2016

We really enjoyed our stay at the Chalet. We especially liked Boots and feeding Clyde. The Chalet was really cosy and we loved the croquet (we played like 50 times!). Thanks for an absolutely amazing stay!
Van Heerden Family
December 2016

Had a beautiful, peaceful, tranquil, enjoyable stay at Avoca Chalet. The place was simply amazing as the surrounding trees made the place look out of this world. Thank you, we’ll come back with the rest of our family sometime soon. Boots is the most amazing dog and we love Clyde the horse.
December 2016

I enjoyed it so much, I hope we will be back soon. The animals were so cute, also Boots was very helpful leading us around Avoca! Thank you for a wonderful place to stay.
December 2016

Avoca Chalet Guest Comments 2015

Yet another fabulous stay. I would buy this farm if I could, I love it that much!
The Bradfields
January 2015

Thank you for a peaceful and fabulous break. As a writer I would also like to thank you for giving me my creativity back.
The Lakenhals
February 2015

I enjoy this farm very much and the air is fresh!
Lau, Hong Kong
February 2015

We all loved being here. Thank you
February 2015

What a wonderful holiday stay. We loved the birds, plants and walks. So much to see close by. Thanks.
The Duncans
March 2015

We had a great time. Loved the space and light of the old shop. The dogs had a great time in the yard and paddocks. Woof woof
The Sproules, City Beach
March 2015

Thanks Jenny and Richard for yet another amazing stay. Everything was perfect and I enjoyed every second of the holiday as always. We hope to see you and the animals very soon and good luck with the move! Love always

An incredible stay as usual! Hopefully we will be able to come again before the move. Looking forward to seeing Fred and Freda all grown up! Such a nice holiday and all the animals make it even better! Fern
The Sadds
April 2015

We had a great stay! Everything was so easy to find in your very comfortable chalet! Thanks SO MUCH! Have a great year.
The Van Heerdens, Perth
April 2015

We have thoroughly enjoyed our Anzac long weekend stay here. The children haven’t stopped playing with the animals, tree fort and tractor! We’ve all relaxed and love the chalet. We will be back – that’s for sure. Thank you Jenny and Richard for your hospitality and for sharing the farm experience with us.
The Bidois and Carder families
April 2015

Another wonderful stay. One of our favourite places. Always have a great time and love the peace.
The Duinmeyers
May 2015

Lovely place. Well equipped and most important, cosy! Will come back again in the near future. Thankyou!
The Wongs, Singapore
May 2015

A good place to stay where you can find a peace and quiet relaxation with your loved ones.
The Gates, Esperance
May 2015

Great place to stay. Very peaceful and homely. Loved it! This is our 5 months old’s first holiday – I think she enjoyed it!
May 2015

This has been our favourite holiday spot for five years – we have loved every minute! All the best Jenny, Richard and Boots.
Linn and Browner
June 2015

Thanks very much again , great time. All the best in the future. Love to Boots and Scud.
June 2015

A wonderful, relaxing stay once again. Thank you so much.
Sandon Family
July 2015

I love the animals, Clyde, Wilbur and the amazing Boots. Boots is the best.
Thanks a million to Richard, Jenny, Boots and animals for a beautiful stay once again.
Marshall Family
July 2015

What a beautiful spot to relax and unwind. We had a lovely time and really don’t want to leave.
Wilczek Family
July 2015

As I came here in 2012 I knew I would have to come back. I love this chalet so much! Even though I love being around city shops you can’t beat being in the glistening nature! I’m so glad that this is our last holiday in Australia since we’re moving back to Ireland soon. The animals here are amazing. I’m glad that Clyde has settled in well. The eggs are delicious! Lots of love
Murphy Family
July 2015

Another lovely stay. Always beautiful down here. Jenny and Richard great hosts. Everything is always spot on.
The Duinmeyers
July 2015

Thank you for such a fantastic last minute get away. Our son enjoyed the animals and was talking non-stop about Boots the dog. We adults enjoyed the fire, the comfort and the tranquillity (as much as you can with a 4 month and a 3 year old in tow!). We’ll definitely visit again – thankyou!
The Mawbys
August 2015

Wilbur is awesome. Lovely farm
Cheely, US
August 2015

Beautiful farm, gorgeous part of the country. Thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Children adored the animals, thank you so much.
The Cooper and Cole Families
August 2015

Fantastic place to stay. Thank you Richard and Jenny for making it such an enjoyable place to stay.
The Roper and Hale Families
August 2015

Great place to stay for a quiet and relaxing holiday. Love the views around the farm, bush, trees, lush grass and animals.
The Vandersluis and Searle Families
September 2015

Beautiful accommodation and gardens around the house. The pot belly is awesome at heating the whole house.
The Banks Family
September 2015

Thanks for this beautiful place. We are really enoying it here.
Almutaini Family, Kuwait
September 2015

We had a wonderful stay, thankyou.
Guzman Family
October 2015

Magic spot. Wonderful walks on property. Surrounding beaches absolutely breathtaking. Great comfortable house.
Lee Family
October 2015

Tranquil, enjoyable
October 2015

We enjoyed our holiday. Will return one day and thanks for an awesome place to stay.
Collins Family
October 2015

Thanks for these awesome three days. We so wanted to stay longer. It’s now time to leave and Rise is crying because she wants to stay!
The Renollet Family
November 2015

Fantastic place to stay, loved every minute. Very central to all the towns and places. Love cosy Corner and Boston Brewery for food and they allow dogs too! My mum and dad are holidaying from Scotland and really enjoyed our five day break away from Perth. Will be back!
The Main Family
November 2015

Really fantastic place to say. Jenny and Richard were really friendly and caring. The Chalet has 5 stars hotel standard! We had a great time at the farm that Jenny recommended. We had once in a lifetime experience there. We sure had a great time with their pet dog Boots – what a fantastic dog! It’s a lovely and cosy place. We had fun interacting with Boots, especially during our morning walk. We had a great time visiting the area around Avoca.
QY, Singapore
December 2015

Thank you sooo much! We had so much fun on our holiday. The house was very nice and so is the entire farm! We particularly loved the rabbits and collecting the eggs every morning. Great place, great stay, loved the animals.
The Van Heerdens
December 2015

Fantastic accommodation, has everything. Loved the animals. I’m sure we will be back.
Johannison Family
December 2015

Avoca Chalet Guest Book Comments 2014

Thank you for another enjoyable stay at the farm. Looking forward to next year. Another amazing stay – Can’t wait til next time!
The Sadd girls WA
January 2014

Thanks for a very comfortable and relaxing family holiday. Thanks so much for the beautiful stay. I loved how Boots came to meet us and escorted us wherever we wanted to go.
The Slaven Family WA
January 2014

Thank you for perfect accommodation and beautiful scenery. Had a lovely rest, enjoyed the animals and loved my walks with Boots who was a brilliant tour guide.
The Matthews WA
January 2014

Thank you for a great stay! We all had an enjoyable, relaxing stay. That’s Boots for showing us the way on walks and thank you Jenny and Richard for our lovely time.
McLean Family
January 2014

Another fabulous visit – another bunch of family memories. Every time we come we appreciate how special this place is and fall in love with it more and more. Can’t wait to come back – thanks Jenny and Richard (and Boots!)
I love this place (Finn aged 6) I love this place and new friends and the animals (Arkie aged 4)
Bradfield Family WA
January 2014

Had an amazing stay on your farm. Just beautiful – we really enjoyed the fire at night and Brooke loved the animals so much. Thank you! Great farm – happy dog Woof!
The Mayes WA and UK
February 2014

Your hospitality over extended us! We now need another holiday… So good to catch up with you both again. Thank you for a wonderful stay. Just love your chalet and hope to see you in Tassie again!
Hughes Families, Tasmania
February 2014

Lovely peaceful place. Nice eggs. Boots good dog.
NZ Visitor
February 2014

What a lovely ‘hidden gem’ – our only regret is that we can’t stay longer. Thank you so much.
The Mackenzies
February 2014

Enjoyed our stay here immensely. Will definitely be back. Thank you so much.
Family Large
March 2014

We all loved it here! Enjoyed our stay and the best accommodation. Thanks for rescuing our Bentley! Will be back!
Jamie, Ron Jess and Grant. Canada
March 2014

Liked this place and enjoyed the peaceful environment. The place is really clean. We will be back again for the third time.
Precious WA
March 2014

Thanks for the peaceful environment. We really enjoyed our stay here on the farm. We’ve never seen such a silent and relaxing place. Having breakfast in the morning while watching the birds was amazing. Hopefully I’m coming back when I’ve finished my studies! Thanks for everything.
Oma, Oma and Paul Germany
April 2014

Had another great holiday at Avoca. We all love this place! Thank you Jenny and Richard for your lovely farmstay. Will see you next time.
Hatton Family WA
April 2014

I liked the whole entire place. We had a great time. I really liked the ponies!
Steckovic Family
April 2014

Thank you for letting us stay here. We loved the peaceful environment, all the animals and especially getting to experience the full on farm life. Thank you for your kind hospitality and being so open to us and the other family we were staying with. We had an absolute ball!
The Davidovic Family
April 2014

The place is lovely. The house is very homely and comfortable. The animals are a joy to place with and cuddle. It definitely felt like we stayed on a ‘proper’ farm. It is so peaceful out here. Thank you for your kind hospitality and making sure our stay was the best it could possibly be. The house had everything we could possibly ask for. Thank you for our stay.
The Davies Family
April 2014

I loved the guinea pigs and animals. I love the animal and speshaly the guinea pigs…
Ethan, Lui, Myles and Dee WA
April 2014

Great relaxing place. Well decked out. Really enjoyed our stay. Will definitely recommend and be back.
The Langridges WA
May 2014

Thank you!
The Longergans
May 2014

Lovely place to stay. Loved the open fire – reminded me of home.
Deb and Rob WA and NZ
May 2014

Fabulous place to stay. Loved it. Will be back. What a wee slice of paradise. Great to spend time with the children and grandchildren and to see their delight with the animals. Very special. Kiara and harera (hello and goodbye). You are natural hosts.. Thank you for an amazing stay. We absolutely adored the animals, fire and chalet! You are amazing hosts – we look forward to visiting again soon. Thank you both (and Boots!)
The Berrys WA and NZ
May 2014

Our fourth visit to Avoca Farm and again we never want to leave. Many thanks Jenny and Richard and Boots.
The Browners
June 2014

Having a wonderful time here with friends. Everything you want is here – love it! Thank you.
Newlyn and Blechynden WA
June 2014

Great place – so quiet and relaxing. Will return one day. Thank you so much
Jones, Smith and Daniels WA
June 2014

Very quiet and relaxing. It was a great experience to drive around the farm.
Pabalkar WA
June 2014

Wonderful! Kids loved the animals and house. Can’t wait to come back again.
Edge Family WA
July 2014

Whole family had a wonderful time. Billy now wants to live on a farm! Thanks for everything!
Whittaker Family WA
July 2014

Lovely place for the whole family. The kids love Boots and the animals. Thank you for everything.
Hoo and U Families
July 2014

A truly beautiful place. It was a pleasure to stay and we will pass it on to other travellers.
Ellertons QLD
August 2014

Still our favourite place to stay in WA! We’ve officially lost count of how many visits now and there’s sure to be many more! We can’t wait to come back in December!
Holmes Family WA
August 2014

A delightful stay, very relaxing. Kids loved the animals and Mum and Dad loved the scenery. Will definitely recommend to others and hope to return.
Wilson Family WA
August 2014

We had a wonderful relaxing stay here. The chalet is just gorgeous, a real home away from home. The kids adored the farm and the dog was worn out every night with all the fun she was having. Thanks for having us – we’ll be back!
Family English WA
September 2014

Loved everything! Thank you so much, this place is a gem – we’ll be back!
Watson and Pearce WA
September 2014

Our second visit and we would like to stay forever. A beautiful place for the children to play and explore. Thank you again for a wonderful place to stay. Planning a return visit!
Forrest Family WA
October 2014

We have had a wonderful time. It is a great place to have quality time with the family. The kids had a ball and we would love to come back again in the future.
Caporn Family WA
October 2014

What a lovely relaxing stay. James loved the animals and had a real adventure at ‘Old Mcdonald’s Farm’ only disappointed we couldn’t wrangle a longer holiday.
Byatt Family WA
October 2014

A lovely country retreat. We loved the birds and farm animals, country smells! So clean and every little details thought of. Thankyou.
Close WA
November 2014

Great place to stay. Very handy to all the sights, lovely setting and generous hosts – will return!
The Carrolls WA
November 2014

A big thankyou to Jenny and Richard for their great hospitality.
Lemaire, France
November 2014

Our fifth year and the first with our 9 month old son Michael. We had a terrific stay, loved the chalet, farm and surrounding area.
The Fairleys WA
November 2014

Loved the chalet, the old and the new décor – so much character. Beautiful surrounds, close to everything. See you next time!
Arndell Family WA
December 2014

Thank you so much for opening your beautiful home to people. Such a stunning place. I really relaxed – praise the Lord!
Johnson WA
December 2014

Thank you so much for a wonderful break. We loved our time here. A home away from home. We loved visiting the animals and the peaceful surroundings.
The Mejias Family
December 2014

We loved our time here thanks! The kids really enjoyed the animals and we loved the peace and quiet.
Connor Family
December 2014

Thanks very much! We had a great time. Boots and Betty had a good time with the animals. Hopefully we can come back again soon.
Nick & Anna, Aus and Denmark
December 2014

Avoca Farm Chalet Guestbook Comments 2013

Thanks for another amazing stay. I love everything about the farm. It is my favourite holiday. Curly also loves the chickens and ducks…
The Sadds, Perth
January 2013

We loved it and can’t wait till we come back. Boots was our favourite dog. Thank you! See you next year!
Van Heerdens, Perth
January 2013

Thank you for letting us stay at your wonderful farm. It was so fun staying here. This was the best holiday ever! Had a wonderful time House was great – very clean and kitchen had everything! Kids loved the animals and garden, so did the dogs.
Steele Family, Perth
January 2013

Thank you for letting us spend our holiday at your farm. It’s absolutely amazing and fun. We love your animals and EVERYTHING! Will definitely tell all our friends and we’ll be back!
Yam Yung Family, Perth
January 2013

Thoroughly enjoyable stay, facilities and equipment excellent. Spent a very enjoyable few days exploring your lovely part of Oz.
Berwick Family, Perth and UK.
February 2013

A dream house… a dream farm…a great holiday! Thank you so much Jenny and Richard. We’ll be back soon with our friends. See you again, our beautiful Avoca!
Siew Kum Meng and Chen Xue Mei,
Singapore March 2013

Our third time here and the first for our friends. Really love it and of course Jenny is always as usual helpful and a delightful host.
Sunny and Beiling,
Singapore March 2013

We bring our family here to show how beautiful is down south. We really enjoy our stay here in Avoca and our dog love it. Thank you.
Kazmirczak and Grosvecy Family, Mandurah and Poland
March 2013

Thank you Jenny and Richard. Beautiful farm. Really enjoyed the animals and peacefulness. Loved the calves, really cute can’t wait til we come back to see how much they have grown. Gave Wilbur and Lucky some good walks and enjoyed making jumps for them. Thankyou! Loved our holiday - second time here and will be coming again in the future. The girls loved Angus and Ash and are looking forward to seeing them when they’ve grown up!
The Hattons, Perth
April 2013

We have had a fantastic week exploring the area and enjoying all the wineries and especially Boston Brewery. George (5 yrs) and Leila (16 months) loved the animals and feeding time!
O’Sullivan Family, Perth
April 2013

What a magical spot. The children loved feeding the animals, grooming Lucky, Wilbur and Bonnie and will always remember walking the ponies. And the bonus of the newly born lamb! So comfortable, warm and toasty with the fire - and all the birdlife. Thank you for your hospitality.
Palmer Family, Dunsborough and New Zealand
May 2013

Thank you for the wonderful accommodation. This holiday is exactly what we are looking for and this place is a home away from home. Thank you Jenny and Richard!
Richard & Jaynelle
June 2013

Thanks Jenny, Richard, Boots and new girl Scarlett, for a relaxing holiday on your beautiful property!
Janet, Rick and Rambo, Perth
June 2013

Our 2nd visit and everything was just as perfect as the first time. Thankyou Richard and Jenny – we love this special place and look forward to catching up with you and your furry friends next year. This place really captures the essence of sweet family time.
The Wheelers
June 213

We really enjoyed our 3 night stay with our 6 year old son. The chalet is beautiful, very comfortable and all that we’d hoped it would be. Our son loved feeding the animals each morning. It was a joy to see him up and out of bed in order to feed the animals. If we are back to this part of the world again we would not hesitate to come back for yet another visit. So thank you Jenny and Richard for the love you have put into this special place.
Boother Family WA
June 2013

Thank you for your generous hospitality. We all had a fabulous stay. The girls especially enjoyed walking Lucky and Wilbur, collecting farm fresh eggs (which tasted amazing), cuddling cute guinea pigs and chasing Boots! Next time we will definitely stay longer.
McPhee Family WA
June 2013

A delightful second visit which we thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you. We love your Chalet.
Williams Family
August 2013

Thank you Jenny and Richard for being fabulous down to earth hosts!! We will definitely be back!
Skinner Family
August 2013

Had a wonderful stay again – thanks very much.
The Hermans WA
September 2013

Wonderful stay. Idyllic place to visit. Loved the peace and quiet as well as the lush surrounds.
The Karberrys WA
September 2013

What a treat! Had the greatest time. What a beautiful place for a fabulous wedding! Had a great stay.
Docherty, Bone, Tamasi Families WA
September 2013

Thank you Jenny and Richard for providing us with such a lovely farm stay. Such a great place to relax and unwind, walking along the Avoca walking track, taking in the fresh air, surrounding beauty and hearing the animals in the background. Waking up and having breakfast on the patio, listening to the birds. What a great place! All the animals here are awesome. Our sheltie loved the open space, splashing through the muddy pools of water and saying g’day to Boots. Great chook eggs! The kids enjoyed the guinea pigs and chooks. We will be back some day that’s for sure.
McArthy Family
October 2013

Our second stay and it has been just as awesome as our first. Our kids absolutely love it here! They can all catch guinea pigs now and love to pat and cuddly them. Brilliant spot, Great times.
Young Family WA
October 2013

Thank you for a lovely stay. Your place is wonderful and very comfortable. We were unlucky with the weather, however the wood burner made it a very cosy weekend. Hope to come back again and bring sun with us next time!
The Clavills and Armstrongs WA
October 2013

Thank you Jenny and Richard – I have a wonderful and fantastic holidays! What a great holidays!
Shuyi and Shang Lang Malaysia
November 2013

Thank you for providing this lovely chalet. Was so welcoming to come into a clean and well equipped chalet. Loved it! We’ve had a wonderful relaxing holiday. Chalet is all you could hope for home from home. Lovely farm scenery . Our dog Micah I’m sure enjoyed his first holiday thanks to Boot’s friendly play. That you for your kindness and welcome, we wish you all the best for the future.
Payne Family WA
December 2013

WE MADE IT! Again ’09 and again ’13! This is our 3rd stay at Avoca. We feel so blessed to come back here again. Thank you for the lovely farm. The kids had fond memories of this farm and so do we…
Ang Family Singapore
December 2013

Avoca Farm Chalet Guestbook Comments 2012

First time for us at a Farm Stay! The boys have had a fantastic time. Taking home two baby bantams will mean we remember our stay for years to come. Thank you, we loved every minute of our time here.
Nick, Sheridan, Callum and Curtis
January 2012

We had such a beautiful location. Loved feeding the animals! Loved waking up to the beautiful crisp mornings, then to curl up on the couch with the fire going was awesome. We’ll recommend this place to a lot of people. Thanks
Marc, Simone, Rocky and Horry
February 2012

Thank you to Jenny and Richard for a lovely stay on the farm. Couldn’t have asked for anything better; would love to come back one day!
Emily, Andrew, Jane, Jon, Megan Freya and Darcy
February 2012

Thank you for the lovely Chalet. Very well architecture and interior design is cozy. More importantly, we had everything we need to feel at home. The kitchen is fully functional. Had great time here! This is the first time we stayed in a farmstay. Never knew what to expect but everything we needed are here! Love the fireplace and the barn. We had a lovely time here.
The Ng Family, Malaysia
March 2012

We had a lovely four days going to many places around. The villa was a delight to stay in, very clean and well stocked. The children enjoyed all the animals around the farm.
The Campbells from WA and The Donachies from Scotland
March 2012

Thank you for a lovely stay. We loved the peace and quiet. The kids absolutely loved the animals and collecting the eggs! The accommodation is fab. We will definitely be back again.
The Hattons
April 2012

What a stunning place to stay, Richard and Jenny. First time down south and what a great base to explore from. Thanks for the eggs, for letting us hold the baby guinea pigs and feeding Lucky and Wilbur. Can’t wait to come again and bring some friends!
Gary, Vicky, Jess and Anna. Perth, previously South Africa
April 2012

We have enjoyed the accommodation. It is nice. We have enjoyed playing with all the animals and especially with Boots. He is a wonderful dog. Thank you for everything.
Jojo, Jessy, Rosna, Riya and Grandma
April 2012

It was really fun staying here. We enjoyed playing with all the animals and we also enjoyed playing with Boots. It was fun and relaxing here, thank you very much.
Aji, Sini, Sandra, Cinta and Sanyo
April 2012

Memorable day (few nights) and fresh clean air. The Grealishes have adored our stay and only wish we could enjoy more of our warm, cosy stay, fire lit, fresh eggs and the sound of our kids’ laughter. Amber 4.5 years and Gwen 2 years. Thank you soooo much – it’s been lovely and we’ll be back!
The Grealish Family
Anzac Day 2012

Thank you for a lovely location and welcome holiday.
Ian Rae
April 2012

Very happy and restful stay, friendly hosts and lovely facilities. Thanks Jen and Richard, most appreciated.
The Halls, Sydney NSW
May 2012

A most charming house in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. I loved collecting the eggs from the chooks in the barn. Very peaceful and welcoming, enjoyed every part of our stay. Loved Boots and the fresh farm eggs we collected. Will definitely be back. Thank you!
Joshua and Gemma, BC Canada
May 2012

We brought my wonderful daughter and her wonderful partner here – visiting from Canada. What a great place to have time together – many thanks for everything.
Graham and Margaret. Perth WA
May 2012

We don’t want to leave….WOW!!! Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to stay at Avoca for 3 nights. It is so stunning and beautiful; you are truly blessed to call it ‘home’; the kids thoroughly enjoyed Lucky, Wilbur, Boots, the chooks, the goats etc. We will most definitely return ASAP and recommend Avoca. Thank you for an awesome stay.
Van Heerden Family.
Perth May 2012

Beautiful location well set up and best night’s sleep we’ve had for a long time. Well done…
Lorraine, Ian, Sue, Jim, Heather and Graham
June 2012

Well, we had to return here (again!). Once again, so much fun and laughter spent at Avoca and the region. Boys loved playing with Boots and feeding the ponies. The ducklings are so cute! Thank you!
The Marshalls, Perth
July 2012

Had a great time here. This place was beautifully set out and the animals are very friendly. Stayed at multiple places and wish we just stayed here for a week.. Thanks.
Johnson Family
July 2012

Yet another lovely stay! Loved seeing Lucky and Wilbur and the baby guinea pigs were a huge hit with the little ones. Thank you and see you again next year!
Dugay Family
July 2012

Thanks again for a great stay. Enjoyed everything especially Lucky, Wilbur and farm animals. Yummy eggs, thank you!
The Herman’s
August 2012

I LOVE this place! This is a very wonderful house. I love lying in front of the fire on the bean-bags watching TV, it’s so cosy and snug! When we walked in the barn I ran strait to the chicken coop and got the eggs! Thank you for letting me help bring the ponies in and brush them. Thank you! I’ll be back!
Aoife M (aged 9)
August 2012

A fantastic, well equipped chalet in beautiful surroundings. Thank you for a great stay; very much enjoyed the fresh eggs and sitting out on the veranda eating breakfast and drinking coffee. I really don’t want to go!
The Stanger Family, UK
August 2012

A fabulous, peaceful setting nestled in gorgeous Denmark! Thank you Jenny and Richard. All the animals were fun, friendly and so well looked after. The chalet was fantastic, the kids really loved the bean bags and the animals of course. Boots, Wilbur, Lucky, Chooks, guinea pigs etc. Lots of things to do in our house i.e. games etc. . (awful weather) but we made the most of our time and will bring Mr Murphy next time. Thank you from us all!
The Murphy Family
August 2012

Thank you for a very relaxing stay in this light, bright and charming chalet. Such interesting history it has had; stylishly decorated too! Love the forest up the back and enjoyed checking out the chimney in the paddock. Nice memories…
Renee and Rob
August 2012

I would like to stay longer! Loved the attention to detail – there was nothing more we needed – the little extras like candles and eggs.. were appreciated. The animals are precious, especially playful ‘Boots’ – an amazing dog. We loved our stay, thank you.
Angela Sally Vicente
August 2012

We really thank you Jenny for your generosity. We enjoy the fireplace which we put up every night and enjoyed some grilled fish, cuttlefish or meat. All our warmest regards to you and Richard.
Sunny and Beiling, Singapore
September 2012

We have had a wonderful stay. Thank you for sharing your beautiful farm. The kids loved the animals and would like to stay longer. We’ll have to invest in a bigger back yard with some chickens and guinea pigs! Thanks again.
The Zweck Family, Victoria
September 2012

We had a wonderful time. Great farm, love it. Thank you Zoe (10) I had such a lovely time this weekend. The guinea pigs were so cute and Boots was so much fun to play with. Thank you so much Amy (14) A wonderful place to stay and beautiful hosts. Boots and the guinea pigs were a massive hit and the chickens following the girls and the goats eating straight from the scrap bucket. All awesome memories of a great holiday. We’ve no hesitation in recommending Avoca to our friends and we’d love to visit again.
Duplex Family
September 2012

Absolutely loved it here! A beautiful property, so well cared for with gorgeous animals. The chalet is not at all ‘farm-stayish!” Very comfortable and cosy.
The Watsons
October 2012

A beautiful place to relax and close to all facilities. Don’t want to leave! Many thanks – looking forward to coming back!
Jarret Family, Perth
October 2012

A wonderful relaxing week. We loved it just as much as last time we stayed. James loved getting up every morning to feed the horses.
Sanders Family, Perth
November 2012

A very enjoyable return visit, everything was just as I remembered.
Adrianne Goodwin, Nottingham UK
November 2012

This is our third stay and as with the previous time, we had an amazing time. We were so comfortable and relaxed. A great place for our dogs and plenty of amazing scenery in the area. Thanks for a wonderful week.
The Fairleys, Perth
December 2012

Lovely cosy stay, weather was great. Kids enjoyed collecting eggs, patting guinea pigs and stroking Wilbur and Luckyt and playing ball with Boots! Boston Brewery great place for young families if eating out. Enjoy! Also second stay for us.
Grealish Family, Perth
December 2012

We love the ponies and taking them for walks. The guinea pigs are really cute and it is fun collecting the chicken eggs. The goats and the cows and sheep are great too. And also Boots. We might hopefully come back next year! Thank you so much for a wonderful stay! We loved helping and adore every one of the animals. The garden is awesome and we loved taking Lucky and Wilbur for walks!
The Bougher Family, Perth
December 2012

We really enjoyed our stay. Unfortunately the farm chalet isn’t near our home otherwise we want to come back. We liked the tranquil setting, the spacious and charming chalet, walking with the dog and feeding the chickens. We will miss this place! Thanks
Jacqueline and Kay, The Netherlands
December 2012

Es ist sehr schoen!
Michael, Switzerland
December 2012

Sensational thanks Jenny and Richard. Have enjoyed chilling out and tasting all the local waves whilst the kids will long remember all the animals. The only other part of Australia that we would live in and you have made your particular part very special – well done. Loved all the native vegetation that attracts all the birds.
The Cruickshank Family, Darwin NT
January 2012

Avoca Farm Chalet Guestbook Comments 2011
Thanks so much for a lovely stay. I adore your animals, especially Lucky and Wilbur! I loved feeding the ponies and trying to retrieve Norbie’s net! Overall, the thing I love most about Avoca is the charming and welcoming atmosphere! Thanks for being so kind and friendly. See you next year! I love everything about Avoca Farm. Next year I hope we will see the donkey…
India and Fern Sadd, Perth
January 2011

Thank you so very much for such a wonderful holiday! Your house, the property and surrounding environment are absolutely beautiful. You really have thought of everything to make peoples’ stay as comfortable and stress free as possible. Your animals are wonderful and your chickens’ fresh eggs even inspired our children to eat hard boiled eggs for the first time – and they loved them!
The Martin-Hiller Family Perth
January 2011

We had the most fantastic and wonderful stay here! The kiddies have loved the animals, especially the ponies and guinea pigs. It is such a relaxing atmosphere.. we will be recommending Avoca to everyone we know.
The Fawcett Family, Kalgoorlie Boulder
January 2011

What a great place for a holiday in the country. Thank you for everything, accommodation spot on, welcomed from start to finish..thanks to Richard and Jenny,
The Parker and Pegg Families (townies) Perth and England
January 2011

Thank you Jenny and Richard for a fantastic stay. It exceeded my expectations by miles! So peaceful, yet within easy reach of plenty of things to do. The Chalet is like a home from home, with wonderful personal touches throughout. There has been much thought put into the equipment provided – there was nothing more we could have wanted or needed.
The Chambers Family, Perth and Nottingham UK
February 2011

This place is awesome!! We wake up and take the scraps to the chooks and gather the eggs; the guinea pigs get a grassy treat and Lucky and Wilbur some carrots. The kids think it’s great! You then spend the day at the beach or winery hopping to return to the quiet farm again in the afternoon. We have had the most fantastic time and I’m sure will return.
The Young Family, Perth
March 2011

Loved the place. Loved the area. Thanks SO much for making us all feel welcome. You are wonderful hosts. We came to walk parts of the Bibbulmun Track – South Tennesse to Eden Road 19km; Shelley Beach to Cosy Corner – 6km; Mt Halliwell to Denmark – 10km; Sand Patch Road to Hidden Valley and Return – 9km. Thoroughly enjoyed the walks. We enjoyed relaxing on the balcony, watching the birds (many types). Fed the horses, looked at the guinea pigs and fed the chooks. All to short but hopefully will be back one day.
The Jansens, Brach, Searles and van Sekelburens Perth
March 2011

We had stayed in many places before this one but had never had such a beautiful and memorable experience. A big thank you Richard and Jenny for this wonderful place. It’s been the first time that any chalet has felt like home. There was everything that we could have asked for. Our kids had an excellent time with your farm animals and now are heading back to Perth with all our lovely memories.
Khan and Dholkawala Family
April 2011

What a great place, clean, tidy and quiet. Salmon are running and we all caught several. One member was able to catch a ‘Colin’ of salmon – what a man! Thanks from all.
The Fishermen from Darlington
April 2011

Three years away and thousands of miles to travel from Northumberland – but – we had to come back to the most restful chalet we know and two of the nicest people who we thank for their kindness.
Malcolm and Judith Hogg, Northumberland UK
June 2011

Many thanks for such an enjoyable stay. It was a great retreat while the rain and wind continued for several days outside. We loved all your homely touches! The boys (our dogs) enjoyed the freedom of a fenced yard for a few days. Loved the fire – most appreciated upon arrival. Out batteries are charged and we are off to experience some more of Australia and this great state of W.A. Thanks
The Powleys, Brisbane Queensland
June 2011

We have so much enjoyed our time here in this characterful old house. Lovely to return to this part of WA that we both love so much. All the animals were a huge hit with the children. We will miss feeding the chickens, guinea pigs and of course Lucky and Wilbur. Hope to be back. Thank you.
Rebecca, Nathan, Ava and Oliver, Singapore
July 2011

Thank you so much for your hospitality and fabulous farm experience. We were warm and toasty in on the of the coldest, wettest weeks we’ve known! We hope to come back in summer to enjoy the beautiful walks around the property and the beaches!
Symes Family, North Beach
July 2011

We found our replacement for our beloved ‘Shelgary ‘ Cottage! Great location, lovely accommodation..
Hamilton Family, Perth
August 2011

What a fabulous place – and the accommodation is charming – can’t wait to come back and stay longer.
Clair, Stu, Finn and Arkie
September 2011

Yet another beautiful week of memories, fun, laughter and joy. We all had a great time, our dog loved the freedom.
Sarah, Ang, Nicola, Fred, Catherine and Winnie, Perth
September 2011

Thank you for a lovely holiday break! Children so enjoyed the animals, adults appreciated the warmth and hospitality and all liked the spacious, beautifully appointed cottage. We hope to see you again!
Homes Families, Perth and USA
October 2011

Stayed two nights – super accommodation in a beautiful setting. Grandchildren loved the animals, especially the guinea pigs. Grandad thoughts Boots was great. All in all, a lovely stay.
Smith and Pay Families, Cornwall UK and Perth
October 2011

This was our second stay and this time it was our honeymoon. We couldn’t have had a more comfortable stay and our three dogs had a blast too. I am sure we will be back many times.
Graeme and Jennifer Fairley
October 2011

What a hidden treasure you have here! We are torn between telling everyone we know how wonderful it is and that they should come, and keeping it to ourselves so that only we can know of and stay at this magical place. Beautifully appointed accommodation with exceptionally high standards. So very family friendly. Our daughters want to stay with the guinea pigs forever! Thank you so much. PS we will be back and we will be telling everybody about Avoca (maybe..)
The Hadfields and Waddington families
October 2011

WOW! 6 nights just was not long enough in this gorgeous place! Thank you very much Jenny and Richard (Boots as well) for your kindness. You live in an amazing part of WA! Definitely book again! We love it and never want to leave! So much to see, do and explore. Love the beautiful beaches too.
Tagen, Starr, Kara, Harley, Mia, Shane, Kirup
October 2011

Thank you so much for a fantastic holiday home. Really enjoyed it and the fab area. Would definitely come back. 10 our of 10
Janet Tait, Milton Keynes, UK
November 2011

WOW! What a lovely peaceful chalet. Thank you so much It’s like home from home, very comfortable and welcoming.
Eileen Barbel, Snodland Kent UK
November 2011

We absolutely loved our stay here. Beautiful rainwater, brilliant showers, comfortable beds – and the list goes on. Looking forward to coming back 
The Samson Family, Perth
November 2011

Loved the house, farm, Denmark area and your incredible attention to detail! – a memorable stay!
The Williams Family and Auntie See, Karrinyup and Hong Kong
December 2011

What a wonderful time we had staying here in a clean and homely place. Congratulations to Richard and Jenny for keeping it in such a good condition. We look forward to seeing you in the not so distant future.
The Geiles Family, Perth
December 2011

Beautiful people, beautiful location, absolutely perfect place – beautiful farm, very comfortable beds. The kids have been happy to roam and explore and want to stay forever. We hope to visit again (soon!). Many thanks Jenny and Richard for your hospitality. PS Taking the kayaks to Greens Pool was magical.
The Pannewigs, Kalgoorlie
December 2011

What a beautiful second stay here at the chalet – back again after 2 ½ years.. Only wish it could have been longer that we stayed. Such a great family time together, uninterrupted special time. We loved feeding Wilbur and Lucky and collecting fresh eggs every morning. Thanks again.
The Marshall Family
December 2011

Beautiful place for us to have stayed; it is just natural and we were happy with it’s surroundings, location is absolutely breath taking. We will cherish the memories for a very very long time to come.
Mr and Mrs Lam and Nathan Family from Perth and Singapore
December 2011


Avoca Farm Chalet Guestbook Comments 2010
Excellent! Thanks for the great accommodation! A highlight of our holiday so far.
Jo and Brad Flaherty and Tilly, Port Lincoln SA
April 2010

Such a gorgeous place to stay! Our second visit here and not our last! Can’t wait to come back. We’ll be back soon.
Leah and Glen Holmes and Jake, Perth
April 2010

This is the best farm-stay during our Western Australia trip. Simply awesome. Huge house, cosy fire place, friendly farm animals and comfortable beds. We love the huge bean bags the most. The kids love Lucky and Wilbur, feed them throughout our stay every morning and evening with carrots and apples. They love the chickens and picking up the eggs. The also love the guinea pigs. We will be back!
The Tan Family, Singapore
May 2010

Thank you Jenny and Richard for a fabulous few days. The Chalet has absolutely everything you could want and need. Our dogs say a special thanks for all the space to run around. We look forward to our next stay but for a few more days next time.
Marc, Yvette, Yala and Ollie Butler, Perth
June 2010

Thanks for a wonderful stay. A truly beautiful setting and home. Class act. Will recommend to every- body and hope to return. Cheers
The Bond Family, Perth
June 2010

Had a fantastic time here with all the animals. The kids loved feeding Wilbur and Lucky every day. Thank you!
The Glew Family, Perth
June 2010

Thanks so much for allowing us to stay here. It is a beautiful set up and everything in the chalet is of a high standard. Great atmosphere, especially the hen house and being able to walk along farm tracks.
Cat and Nick Hams, Perth
July 2010

Jenny and Richard, thank you for providing such a wonderful and relaxed environment for us to espace our hectic lives!! The chalet was perfectly and very thoughtfully equipped. Will definitely be back!
Truemans, Perth
July 2010

I love feeding the ponies!
Freya Marr
I really liked all of the animals, especially the goats. I also loved feeding the other animals as well.
Sophia Marr
I hope we’ll be back!
Alex Marr
August 2010

What a fantastic place!! I can see why it’s so popular. We loved the fire after a night at the Bornholm Hall playing for the dance. And what a dance!!
The Country Nightlighters Band, Bunbury
August 2010
We are having a wonderful time; cleanest farm-stay we have ever been in and very relaxing..
Brian, Jude, Julie and Pete, Mandurah
September 2010

Thanks again for another wonderful holiday.
Sadd Family, Perth
Thank you for my loverly stay with your animals lots of hugs and kisses
Fern Sadd
Thank you for the most wonderful holiday ever! I loved the animals, especially Lucky, Bert and Wilbur. Thank you for looking after us!
India Sadd
September 2010

It’s a long way from Canberra to Avoca but it has been worth every kilometre. We’ve had an awesome time and so have the Perth family. Thanks for a great holiday.
John and Dianna Knight
October 2010

Thanks Jenny, thanks Richard for making such a lovely Chalet! We had a wonderful time here and mostly enjoyed Richard’s farm tour and your pets. You are very kind and friendly. Ah! And also we enjoyed the fresh eggs. We’d like to stay here forever! But…..! We are going to Sri Lanka this Saturday so we will definitely come back here. Especiallty me (Kasuni). Before I die I will come back- not to Perth but to Albany!
8 Family members from Sri Lanka
October 2010

We love Avoca Chalet! What a beautiful spot in a part of WA that is a pure gem. We’ve explored the beaches, samples the wineries, shopped at the Wood Gallery and enjoyed coming ‘home’ to Bert, Lucky, Wilbur, the goats and chooks. Thank you Richard and Jenny for such a lovely relaxing retreat. Hopefully we can return one day soon.
Martin Dickson and Rachel Wicks, Tunbridge Wells, Kent UK
November 2010

Thanks for letting us stay in this lovely lace. I loved the ponies and the horse and all of the other animals. You set the house up ‘ beatifuly’ and the beds were very ‘cunftable’.
I loved the farm and all of the animals, the house was pretty cool and I loved sleeping on the top ‘bunck’. Thanks for letting us stay here.
Amber and Kate
November 2010

Symons Family Holiday No 5.
A great place for 4 grandchildren, Parents and Grandparents – a wonderful time had by us all. We thoroughly enjoyed feeding, leading and feeding (eggs) from the animals. Richard and Jenny you were wonderful as host and hostess.
The Symons Families, Perth
December 2010

Avoca Farm Chalet Guestbook Comments 2009
Marietta : My bed was very comfortable, so much she only got up at lunchtime! Kitchen is perfectly equipped.
Andrew: Interesting collection of books
Neil: Very comfortable accommodation in a quiet, peaceful surround and a great location
Carmen: will definitely come back, love the peace and tranquillity
Klaus: Loved the big and light living space and perfect equipped accommodation
Alexander: OXOXO
Carmen, Neil,Alexander from Perth , Andrew from Guildford UK , Klaus & Marietta / Germany
January 2009

It’s the best! Beautiful house! Beautiful location. Wonderful beaches – lovely walk up onto the farmland. Just perfect – we were happy here – thankyou!
Dick and Pat Pope , UK
January 2009

This is a great place. Lucky and Wilbur are the best horses ever. I enjoyed brushing Lucky. I also liked feeding the horses, goats and chickens. The whole 7 days herre were so fun! There are great places around and the house is awesome. Hope to come back again….Also thanks for the eggs!
Amy Rogers Joondalup June 2009
January 2009

Wonderful – very comfortable – you’ve thought of everything… the kids had a great time herding goats and chasing chickens…
Families Olden and Rogers
January 2009

It was lovely staying here – it was almost like a fairytale! It has everything you need. A great house, great hosts and great location.
Paul and Nicole Marp
January 2009

We stayed from Feb 14 th until Feb 23 rd 2009 After our 5 hour drive from Perth Hills, it was great to finally get to our destination of the Avoca Farm chalet. Wow, from our first steps inside we knew this was gonna be a great holiday. The chalet was very clean, open and had a great feel to it. This chalet has everything you could want on a holiday. Clean bright bedrooms, bathrooms and a great little kitchen with everything you want. Richard and Jenny make you feel like it’s your home but they give you total privacy, just what you want on holidays. The scenery is amazing down this way, Lowlands beach, all Albany ’s must-see tourist spots like the Gap, Natural Bridge , Wind Farm etc. Tree Trop Walk is great and if you love fishing a ½ day trip with Madfish Charters is recommended. Overall great holiday and hope to be back again – a big thankyou.
Brock family and Kostya ‘the dog’
February 2009

Another great holiday at Avoca. Thank you Jenny and Richard for a wonderful retreat where we can recharge our batteries for a few more months.
Kerrie and George, Bedfordale
March 2009

A truly amazing place, fantastic location, beautiful house with everything you could want for a wonderful holday..
Adrianne Goodwin, Nottingham England
March 2009

Such beautiful accommodation. The peace and quiet are lovely, the animals so friendly. Wonderful location, our dog had a great time and it was so nice to be able to bring her along. Fantastically equipped, we will definitely be back for another holiday, hopefully longer next time.
The Sanders, Perth
April 2009

I like your bed I think I want to live here until I’m old but cannot because I have to go back to my country. Bye – perfect! I’m happy! 5 star, or ten star!

Hanna and Family , Malaysia
April 2009

We stayed, or wanted to stay 5 nights, but added one more night. I finally managed to start the fire with only 2 fire starters, except for the last night. Sorry about that. The Alkoomi wine as good and kindly tell your neighbour that the beef was absolutely delicious! The house is definitely generous, just as you are, adorned with many things. Really felt good and comfy here. Warmest regards…..
Sunny and Bai Ling, Singapore
June 2009

Beautiful location, lovely chalet. We enjoyed the peace and quiet - .. the serenity. Our dogs loved their holiday also – especially the daily walk up to Chimney paddock – having a good run around and a swim in the dam. We all look forward to a return visit.
Sue, Murray Clancy Hamish – City Beach
August 2009

We had a very nice time in the lovely Chalet. It’s time for us to leave but happy to say that if we get another chance to come over then please we will prefer this Avoca chalet for us as well as for our friends.
The Johnny Family – India
August 2009

Great chalet – great view. Wild weather and scenery – a wonderful weeks touring and relaxation…
Glenn and Lorraine Potter, Adelaide SA
September 2009

We enjoyed the stay at the farm house. We love the animals too. The animals we enjoy most is the guinea pigs, Lucky and Wilbur and also the baby goats. Although the last time we had a black-out it was very fun. The next day after the black-out we saw a rainbow it was amazing! There were two rainbows! It’s our 2 nd trip to Avoca Farm chalet. We all missed the lovely place so much that we decided to drop by again! It’s such a wonderful place and lovely animals too. Jenny and Richard and family are fantastic! Thank you so much for your wonderful reception and the hospitality extended to us. It is again such a memorable stay at the farm! The house is as cozy as home – we would be looking forward to coming back here again… sad to leave though!
Ang Family , Singapore
October 2009

Thanks so much for this wonderful chalet. We all had a truly peaceful and wonderful holiday. We enjoyed the calm, clear and clean beaches and good foods we were able to cook in your well equipped kitchen. We did not have much chance to miss home and Thai foods.. We will find some spare time to revisit your Avoca chalet and of course will tell friends who would like to experience Australian western hospitality like we do. Thanks once again dear Richard and Jenny..
Rapin Subaneg and friends, Bankgok Thailand
December 2009

Thanks Jenny and Richard for setting up Avoca. This is a great place and dog friendly so we feel very welcome, especially Molly and Lucy, our dogs. I normally bring lots of ‘bits’ away to make our stay special, but you have already provided EVERYTHING, we feel so spoilt. We had visitors from Albany with young children and they had a ball with feeding the horses and ponies carrots and applies. Avoca is situated perfectly to Albany and Denmark and all the attractions, but isolated enough that we feel we are getting away from it all. We’ve had all sort of weather – hot, cool, rain, so the fans and heater both got used. …Not long to Xmas so we have decorated the trees with tinsel.
The Presland Family and Molly and Lucy their Jack Russels
December 2009

Avoca Farm Chalet Guestbook Comments 2008

One of the nicest places we’ve stayed in
The Diachniarski Family
Janury 2008

Thank you so much for a lovely, relaxing time spent in your chalet. The chalet was beautifully presented and had a fantastic feel. It certainly was the nicest place we have stayed in. Fantastic garden area for the dogs. They loved it also…

Karina and Tony ( and Mack and Abbey)
January 2008

We stayed for a week in late February 08. The chalet is fabulous especially for families with children. The lovely green open spaces and friendly animals were just what we needed as they made the children sleep very well. Thank you.
The Gaskin Family
February 2008

We enjoyed it so much stayed on two extra days! Avoca was perfect for us – everything we needed, peaceful and relaxing. Many thanks for looking after us so well and making us feel so welcome. Even with the rain it has become my favourite place in Australia .
The Hogg Family UK (+ Jedda), UK
May 2008

With thanks for providing a wonderful retreat from a stressful year to date. We have enjoyed our long quiet walks, excellent food and Avoca chalet!
Elizabeth, Steve and Ginny
May 2008

It was a wonderful stay for all of us! The kids had lots of fun with Lucky and Wilbur! The house was wonderful and cosy. Beautiful scenery and delightful farm animals. Such a well kept house with everything we needed. Really felt like home. Thank you Richard and Jenny for such a warm welcome. We would definitely share our stay at Avoca with our friends.
Ang Family , Singapore
June 2008

This is a really nice place because it’s quiet and also close to everything. It was really nice staying here and the beds are very comfy. It was fun and the ponies are soooo cute! Star rating 5 stars!
Giorgia Gasperini, and the Lane Family
July 2008

It’s those little personal touches everywhere that make this such a lovely place to stay…
The Landmark Family
October 2008

A wonderful retreat. There is nothing more we could have asked for. Surroundings and accommodation are spot on. A very peaceful break. We will be back.
Bob, Di, Kerrie and George, Perth
November 2008

We had a wonderful stay. Scenic surroundings, up to date facilities, beautiful farm animals and splendid accommodation. Fond memories to bring home…
Barathi, Ravee, Perth . Kumaran, Sobhavia, Presheela , Malaysia
December 2008  

On holiday from NZ, Perth and Geraldton. Fantastic accommodation, loved the serenity of the countryside. Many bevvies drunk during long evenings on the deck. Would love to return one day. …
The Andrews Family and the Vine Family
December 2008

Avoca Farm Chalet Guestbook Comments 2007

It must have been our great fortune to find your Chalet available for this weekend. A beautiful, well decorated chalet with all the mod cons and more! Enjoying a bit of quiet time and nature’s peace at your chalet was truly a blessing…
Su-fen and Simon
December 2007

We loved it here; this region is truly magic. It was a real treat to enjoy it from such a pretty, well appointed and comfortable home base.
The Speed and the Sagarams
Xmas 2007

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Avoca Farm Chalet & Cottage between Denmark and Albany, Western Australia